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3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

You Are Here Today That Something You Unable To Create That Actually Or Definitely Need For Your Future, You Are Here To Find Out The Smart Best Way Of The Answer Of Your Some Question Or Questions Like:- 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It? | Wishes For The Future | The Difference Between Dreams, Wishes And Wants | Your Heart's Desire | Wishes As Practice | Best wishes for the future | Good wishes for the future | Wishes for the future success.

3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?
3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

I Am Spending The Summer Travelling Around Ladakh Asking People What They Would Choose If They Had Three Wishes For The Future.

I Have No Clear Plans Where I Will Be - My Only Plan Is To Set Off And See Where Life Leads Me. I Am Trying To Work Out What My Wishes Are - I Can Do The General Stuff - Happiness Etc - But That's Too Vague To Come True. So I Thought I'd Ask Others As I Go And See What Happens.

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How To Do Wish Properly?

  • There Are No Right Or Wrong Answers - Only True Wishes.
  • You Can Have As Many Wishes As You Would Like. Wish For Yourself (Even If You Also Wish Well For Others)
  • Follow Your Heart's Desire (Your Head May Mislead You)
  • Be Specific And Definite (You Are More Likely To Notice When Your Wish Has Come True - Or May Even Have Been True All Along)
  • Enjoy Thinking About Your Wishes And Enjoy Today.

There Are No Limits To The Number Of Wishes You Can Have. Wishes, Like Dreams, Are Limitless. The Value Of Choosing Three Is To Make Some Sort Of Decision About What You Want Most. Don't Worry About Choosing The 'right' Wishes - The Aim Is To Get People Thinking And Wishing. If You Decide That Your Wishes Need To Be Different, Just Send Some More. This Is An Exploration, Not A Survey.

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What Will Happen To Your Wishes?

3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?
3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

They Will All Be Analysed And Results Put On My Email - This May Take Some Time And It May Be I Can't Get Through Them All Until I Get Back From My Travels. Only You Will Know What Your Wishes Are. They Will Remain Private - None Of The Information Will Be Given To Any Other Organisation Or Company. There Are Some Additional Questions - These Are There So That When I Look At The Findings I Can See If There Are Differences Between Regions Or Age Groups. The Information Will Not Be Passed To Anyone Else. If You Have Met Me As I Travel And Have Given Me Permission To Use Your Story Then This May Appear On The Site.

And I Will Be Hoping That Your Wishes Come True For You.

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How To Wishing Well?

Deciding What Your 3 Wishes Are May Sound Easy - To Do It Well May Be More Challenging. If You Know What Your True Wishes Are You Are On The Way To Making Them Come True. A Good Way Of Staying Stuck Is Not To Think About Them Or To Have So Many Vague Wishes That You Think You Are Changing But Actually Not Much Happens.

Some People Like To Think About Things Before They Decide; Others Have To Decide And Then Think About Things. So Here Are Two Ways Of Thinking About Your Wishes - You Can Do Either, Both Or Decide On Your Own Route.

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Fast Wishing:-

  • Go To A Place You Like, Get A Drink That You Like And A Snack (If You Like).
  • Take A Sheet Of Paper.
  • Compose The Same Number Of Wishes As You Can Consider
  • Just Write - Don't Edit Or Evaluate Them (You Can Do That Later)
  • Just Keep Writing - Don't Worry If Some Of Them Some Seem Daft Or Childish (They May Well Be The Most Important For You)
  • Just Write All The Wishes That Pop Into Your Mind
  • If Pen Seems Too Much Of A Commitment, Write-In Pencil
  • The Back Of A Piece Of Paper Will Do Just As Well As A Beautiful Notebook
  • When You've Got Your Long List Of Wishes, Read Through
  • Pick Your Three Favourites (And They Need To Be The Ones That Excite You And Motivate You - This Is Not The Time To Think About The Sensible Stuff That You 'ought' To Do)
  • If You Can't Decide Which Are Your Favourites - Pick Three At Random
  • If Random Seems Too Random, Number Each Wish - Put The Numbers In A Hat And Pull Three Out.
  • If You Find Yourself Pulling Out More / Doing Best Of Three Then You Have Got The Wrong Answer.
  • Stop, See If You Can Decide What It Is Your Heart Desires (I Think This Is The Secret Behind Wishing Well).
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If You Still Can't Decide Then Perhaps You Want To Stay Where You Are For Now. This Is Fine - But Appreciate Where You Are, What You Have And Leave The Wishing For Later. If The Time Isn't Right - Then Thinking 'later I Will....' Is More Helpful Than Thinking 'If Only I Could...'
Or You Can Try Some Thoughtful Wishing And See If Being More Specific About Your Wishes Helps.

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More Of The Same?

3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?
3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

If Your Wishes Are About Getting A Bit More Of What You Already Have. Give Thanks For What You've Got. Think How, Specifically, You Would Like More - Where, When And With Whom Do You Want More?

It May Be That Your Wishes Are About Fine-tuning Rather Than Dramatic Life Changes. Small Wishes Can Be Every Bit As Powerful As The Big Ones.

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Part 1

What You Want And Why:-

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

1. Finding Out What It Is You Really, Really Want:-

What Do I Want? What Will That Do For Me?

Keep Asking These 2 Questions Until You End Up Coming Back To The Same Place.
Why You Need To Know What You Really Want, And What You Think You Want May Be Different
When I Started To Plan This I Knew I Needed To Work To Earn The Money To Pay For My Travels - So I Thought About The Work That I Needed, But Nothing Happened.

I Imagined The Work Coming My Way And Lots Of Proposals Were Asked For, But No Actual Projects. I Was On The Point Of Despair, Trying To Work Out How To Find The Money. I Sat Down With My Bank Statements And Tried To Work Out How Much I Needed - A Week Later I Got A Tax Rebate For Almost Exactly That Amount. A Huge Relief (And It Seemed Like A Sign That This Is What I Should Be Doing). I Realised That It Wasn't Really The Work That I Needed But The Income It Generated - And Here Was Income From Work Already Done.

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2. Write It Down In The Positive:-

It Needs To Be What You Want And Not Avoiding What You Don't Want, Why Avoiding What You Don't Want Doesn't Work When Wishing It Is Best To Think About What You Want. It May Seem Easier To Work Out What You Don't Want - The Risk Is That You'll Be Able To Tell When Things Are Going Badly But May Not Notice When They Are Going Well.

So Even If You Start With What You Don't Want - See How It Feels When You Use Positive Words And Express It As What You Do Want. You, Will, Get What You Focus On, So Best To Focus On What You Want.

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

3. What's Already Working:-

When Thinking About Wishes It's Also A Good Idea To Think About What Is Already Good. This Might Explain Why Your Wish Hasn't Already Come True.

Where You Are Now May Be More Powerful Than What You Wish For.

Sometimes You've Been Wishing For Something For Ages, But Nothing Seems To Shift. I Keep Wishing For A Garden - But It Gets No Closer. If I Stay In The Same Flat Then I Don't Have To Work As Much As If I Bought A Flat With A Garden - So Although I Keep Thinking About A Garden - In Truth, I Want The Free Time More Than Space (So Far). At The Moment The Garden Is A Dream, Rather Than A Wish.

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The Difference Between Dreams, Wishes And Wants:-

3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?
3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

These Aren't 'official' Definitions But I Find The Distinction Helpful. They Are Useful For Inspiration But Often Need Careful Consideration. Wants Are Things That Are Probably Going To Happen - I Want A Drink Of Water - Here It Is A Pretty Easy Thing To Make Happen. They Are Things That Are So Close, You Can Be Genuinely Sure Of Getting Them.

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

Helping Your Wishes To Happen:-

You May Not Be Able To Do Everything In A Single Step. Some Wishes May Happen Very Quickly. Sometimes You Have To Help Them Happen. Stuck In A Job You Don't Want To Be Doing For The Rest Of Your Life But Need The Money? There Are Still Things You Can Do To Start To Move - Think About What You Do Want To Be Doing - What Training Courses Or Evening Classes Could You Be Doing Now. There May Be Many Ways You Can Make A Step Towards Your Wishes - Even If You Can't Do The Whole Journey Yet.

Bouncing Out Of 'stuck'

Sometimes There Seem To Be Too Many Choices - How To Work Out Which Is The Right One? The Questions Below Are A Quick Way Of Stretching Your Thinking. They Can Make It Easier To Decide.

- What Will Happen If I Do?
- What Will Happen If I Don't?
- What Won't Happen If I Do?
- What Won't Happen If I Don't

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

Money May Not Be Necessary:-

If You Know What Your Wishes Are But Feel You Can't Make A Start Until You Have More Money. Think A Bit More. What Often Seems To Be The Case Is That The Fear Of Lack Of Money Is A Way Of Staying Stuck? I Have Noticed That People Who Are Scared Of Their Wishes Coming True (And Many People Are) Tend To Use The Lack Of Money As A Reason To Stay Where They Are. Those Who Want To Move Seem To Be Able To Find What They Need - Money May Not Be Easy To Find But It Doesn't Stop Them Making A Start Towards Their Wishes.

Money Is Great And It Can Help Make Lots Of Things Happen - But It Never Seems To Be The Real Thing That People Wish For (It Is A Front For Love, Or Acknowledgement Or Belonging Or …). Not Doing Things Because Of Fears About Money Is About The Fear Not About The Money. (Easy To Say, More Difficult To Put Into Practice - I Constantly Have This Debate With Myself).

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

Following Your Heart's Desire:-

3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?
3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

This Matters Because This Is Where Your Motivation Really Lies. You Can Do The Things That Your Head Tells You Would Be A Good Thing. But If Your Hearts Really In It, Things Will Be Easy - You'll Want To Do Them.

I've Struggled With This Bit - I Know It's Important But Is Still Not Sure About What Advice To Offer. If You Have Any Advice To Offer Me You Can Either. Thinking About This Started With My Weekly List Of Things To Be Done. I Am Good At Writing Lists Of Things To Be Done, But Less Good At Doing Them. Some Things Disappear From The List Immediately. Others Things Linger, Even If Getting Them Done Will Make Life Easier And It Would Be Sensible To Get Them Out Of The Way. I Asked Myself Why This Was And Got The Answer 'because Your Heart's Not In It'. I Realised That This Went Beyond The List And Was True Of Much In Life.

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

When You Know What You Really Want And Your Heart Is In It Then Life Is Less Effortful, Things Happen.

But How To Work Out What You Really Want - It Sounds So Simple But Feels So Difficult.

Some Thoughts On How To Recognise What Your Heart Desires.

Heart (Or Instinct, Intuition, Hunch Or Gut) Is What You Really Want.

- It Often Seems To Be About Listening And Feeling (Rather Than Looking)
- It's About Understanding What You Feel And Not Just What You Know
- It's Often Quieter And Smaller Than Other Things That Are Pressing For Your Attention And May Take Some Time To Find Out.
- Give It A Bit Of Time And Space - Hearts Don't Respond Well To Performance Deadlines
- You May Not Be Able To See It At The Beginning - We Live In An Image Driven World But It Seems As Though The Heart Works To An Older Beat. When You Know What Your Heart's Desire Is, Then Visualising It Is Very Powerful - But You Need To Know The Feeling Before You Can Do The Picture.

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

The Head Means Well - But Is Not Always Good At Wishing:-

Your Head Can Mislead - It Is Often Too Distant And Proper - What You 'ought' To Do. It May Have Been Influenced By What Other People Think You Should Be Doing And You Have Politely Listened And Taken Their Views On Board. But Sometimes You've Been Too Good At That ….
Follow Your Head And You Get To Goals, Objectives And To-Do Lists - Very Useful For The Things You Don't Really Want To Do But Have To Do. Follow Your Head And You May End By Bullying Yourself With Deadlines. This Can Be Useful (Particularly When It Comes To Bills, Tax Returns And The Like) - But It's Not Wishing. We All Have To Do Some Of The Sensible Head Stuff, But You Deserve Your Heart's Desires Too.

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

Small Wishes As Practice:-

Working Out Your 3 Wishes May Seem Like A Big Project - And It Might Be. You May Find It Easier To Make Some Small Practice Wishes
When I Was Planning This I Found A Book I Had Used Some Time Before And One Week I Had To Write Down What I Wished For - I Had Done It And Forgotten About It. When I Went Back To The Book I Realised That Quite A Number Of The Wishes I Had Written Down Had Come True (Or Started To Come True - Things Sometimes Need Time To Blossom Fully). Even More Extraordinary The Book Had Invited Me To Write Down 'ten Tiny Changes That Would Make Your Life Better' And At Least Half Of Those Had Already Happened.

For Years People Have Told Me About The Power Of Saying What You Want, Of Affirmations And Of The Importance Of Writing Things Down. I Sort Of Believed It, But Never Did It. I Am Now A Convert To The Importance Of Saying What You Want And Writing It Down. It Seems To Work - Perhaps It Works Because The Writing Down Reminds You What You Wanted. Or Perhaps It Does Change Something Within You And/or The Universe.

Who Knows? Who Cares? It Seems To Work - Try And See If It Works For You.

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

Why Is Wishing For Kids?

The Idea Of Wishing Seems To Unsettle Lots Of Adults. Not All. Some Love The Idea And Start To Think About Their Wishes. But Many Seem Rather Phased By The Idea, Almost Superstitious That Wishing Is Something They Have Put Behind Them.

Kids, On The Other Hand, Seem To See Wishing As An Entirely Natural Pursuit And Good Fun. They Want The Postcards And Seem Excited At The Idea Of Filling Them In. Younger Kids Seem To Have A Wish List To Which They Add Or Subtract Things As They Go. Wishing Is Part Of Daily Life. So When Do People Stop Wishing?

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

Some Adults Have Said It Is Because Children's Lives Are Simple And Uncomplicated And So It Is Easy For Them To Wish. I Think That This Is An Adult's Or Parent's View - I Can Remember Being A Child, It Didn't Seem That Simple At The Time And I Don't Think That Children See Their Lives As Easy. The Anxieties And Pressures Are There For Them And Are Very Real. Kids These Days Seem To Be Under So Much Time Pressure There Isn't Time To Wander Around Complaining About Being Bored. More Likely To Complain About All The Things They Have To Get Done.

So I'm Not Convinced By The 'life Is Simpler For Kids' Argument. I Think That They May Be More Hopeful And Prepared To Wish For More. That Their Life Is Ahead Of Them And They Are Constantly Wondering What They Will Do Next - Always Growing And Developing. As Adults Maybe We've Got More Set In Our Ways And Prefer To Assume That We Have No Choices Rather Than Do The Things We Really Wanted - To Make Those Wishes Come True. It's One Way Of Staying Safe. But Is That What You Really Want?

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

A Few Conversations Have Been Around The Theme That It's Better Not To Wish Or To Hope Because Then You Can't Be Disappointed. But This May Be Very Dangerous Because If There Is Something You Really Want It Is Not Going To Go Away Because You Don't Say It Out Loud. The Risk Is That You Will Still Be Disappointed Because That Quiet, Hidden, Tucked Away Wish Hasn't Happened - Not Speaking It Out Loud Won't Make It Go Away Or Stop It Mattering; But It Might Stop It Happening.

Adults Seem Wary About Owning Up To Why They Don't Wish So May Have To Find Out From Kids And Young People And See If They Can Help Me Find Out When Things Change. My Hunch Is That Some People Get Hurt Or Disappointed And Then Put Their Hopes Away To Keep Them Safe - But I Shall Try And Find Out More.

It's A Bit Soon To Draw Conclusions About What People Are Wishing For; But Some Themes Are Emerging.

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

Some People Come To An Immediate Decision About Their Wishes - If They Do, They Tend To Assume That Everyone Will The Same As Themselves - Money, Health, Home And Happiness. Some People Try To Be Smart And Make Their First Wish Limitless Wishes. This Is Fine, But Actually Doesn't Really Move Anything Forward - And You Can Have As Many Wishes As You Like Anyway. Once People Start To Think About Their Wishes Then It Becomes More Of A Challenge - They Often Need Some Time To Think Deeply About What Really Matters To Them - And Are Not Distracted By Their First Thoughts.

Children Seem To Find Wishing A Natural Thing To Do - And Do It All The Time - Lots Of Sparkly Things Wished For By Younger People. Quite A Few Adults Seem To Think That Wishing Is Something They Can't Do - I'm Not Sure Why This Is And Will Be Intrigued To Find Out At What Age/stage People Assume That Wishing Is Something They Have To Give Up. Anyway, These Are Just The First Thoughts - Send Me More Wishes And I'll Be Able To Think About It Some More.

You Are Reading - 3 Wishes For The Future - What Is It?

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