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Indian Mythology | Puja 2019 | Durga Puja 2019

 Indian Mythology | Durga Puja:-

Indian Mythology | Puja 2019 | Durga Puja 2019
Indian Mythology | Puja 2019 | Durga Puja 2019

Indian Mythology Says That When Uma Comes Home Every Year, Her Mother Menoka Begins Elaborate Preparations For Her Daughter's Brief Stay. Menoka Takes Care Of Preparations For Uma's Favorite Toiletries And Food. Your Daughter Should Be Comfortable And Happy During The Brief Stay With Her. Uma's Children Must Be Well Looked After. According To This Tradition, Bengali Homes Assume The Role Of Durga's Paternal Home And Begin To Prepare For The Annual Arrival Of The Home.

So While Narus Is For Ganesh And The Others, Uma's Toiletries Are Specially Analyzed. One Loves These Little Luxuries. Black Tilde Is Warmed In Ghee With Some Camphor To Make It Kajal, While Khoi Is Used To Make Your Toothpaste. She Uses Camphor-scented Coconut Oil For Her Beautiful Locks And Reetha To Wash Her Hair. She Even Uses A Pumic Stone To Rub Her Feet. A Mirror, A Comb, Sindur, Haldi (To Wash Face And Body) Comprise All The Barandala With Which Ma Menoka (In This Case, The Most Married Woman In The Household) Will Welcome Her Daughter.

The Mahalaya:-

The Preparations Begin From Mahalaya, Which Is On Amabashya Day. Pratipad, The First Day Of The New Moon Signals The Beginning Of Devi Paksha With The Invocation Of Bodhon. Every Day From Protipad To Sasthi Is Spent Summoning The Goddess As It Is Akaal Bodhon. 

Indian Mythology | Puja 2019 | Durga Puja 2019

The Sasthi:-

Sasthi Durga Puja's Night Begins In Full Splendor With Belbaran. Belbaran Is The Hostess Of The Goddess Under The Jasmine Tree Outside The House After Sunset. The First Arati Is In Front Of The Ghat, But The Second Arati Is In Front Of The Goddess Image. The Festivities Of That Night End There.

The Saptami:-

durga puja kala bou bath
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The Next Morning Is Saptami, Which Starts Very Early. Today Is The Day When The Nabapatrika (Kalaboou) Is Taken To Ganga For A Bath. Some People Have The Misconception That It Is Ganesh's Wife, But In Fact, The Banana Tree Is Ma Durga (Properly Endowed With Two Jasmine Fruits On The Front). After A Brief Puja On The Banks Of The Holy River, The Nabapatrika Is Brought Home And Bathed Again.

The Menoka And Himavat Agreements Ensure That She Receives The Nabakalash, Which Are Nine Ships From Nine Different Rivers - The Sapta Sindhu, Ganga Jamuna And A Water Vessel Sent By Durga's (Also See The Happy Navratri WishesHusband From Kailash. In Reality, It Is Not Always Possible To Obtain Water From Nine Different Rivers, The Mantra Goes So Far As To Say That The Goddess Should Imagine That The Nine Vessels Actually Contain Water From Nine Different Rivers.

 Indian Mythology | Puja 2019 | Durga Puja 2019

After This Bathing Ritual, A Brief Toast With Arati And Baran And Nabapatrika Are Brought To The Thakurdalan Between Dhak, Dhol, Kashor, And Ghanta. The Nabapatrika Is Now Decorated In A Red Saree And Placed Next To Ganesh. Then Follows The Chakshudan, Which Is The Invocation Of Divine Life Within The Image Of The Goddess. This Is Done Behind The Curtain With Only Pure Gifts.

That Done, The Most Important Arati Of Durga Puja Begins. First The Water Is Heated With A Diya. Then The Pancha Pradip Is Used To Brighten The Room. Then Uma Begins Her Bath Using A Shankha As A Pouring Mug. She Gets A Gamcha To Rub Herself. After Checking To See If She Is Looking Well In A Mirror (Darpan), She Is Ventilated By A Fan (Chamor). This Arati Is Part Of The Daily Ritual, Both Morning And Evening, After Which Meals Are Served.

Your Meals Move From Home To Home. She Receives Raw Rice With Whole Fruits And Vegetables At The Bose House. Only The Brahmin Families Assume The Responsibility Of Cooking Khichdi For Her. Your Favorite Vegetable Is Mocha.

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Indian Mythology | Puja 2019 | Durga Puja 2019

The Ashtami:-

Indian Mythology | Puja 2019 | Durga Puja 2019
Indian Mythology | Puja 2019 | Durga Puja 2019

Ashtami Is The Most Important Day When, In Addition To Everything That Happens In Saptami, A Swadhaba Puja (Where Ma Durga Is Worshiped In The Form Of A Married Brahmin Lady), A Yagna (Fire Sacrifice) And A Boli (Blood Sacrifice) ) During The Famous Sandhi, Puja Is An Integral Part Of Durga Puja. Sandhi Puja Is Celebrated At The Sacred Moment Of Ashtami And Nabami To Symbolize Good's Final Victory Over Evil - It's The Moment When The Goddess Takes Her Terrible Form Of Chamunda And Engages In A 45-minute Final Battle With Mahisasura, Which Ends. In Defeat Of The Last One. 108 Lamps Are Lit, 108 Lotus Is Offered And It Is A Poignant Moment Throughout The 10 Day Durga Puja. Many Believe That The Goddess Really Appears In Front Of Their Devotees. There Is Definitely An Omnipresent Aura Hanging Over All Present.

The Nabami:-

Nabami Is The Day When One More Hideous Boli Is Made, Followed By The Sweet And Captivating Ritual Of Kumari Puja (Where The Goddess Is Worshiped In The Form Of A Little Girl Under 9). The Festivities Are Concluded With Another Yagna Properly Completed By A Dakshinanta (Where The Priest Is Paid).

The Bijaya Dashami:-

Now It's Time To Say Goodbye To The Goddess When She Leaves The Next Day In Dashami. In Bisharjan There Is An Elaborate Boron And The Ladies Of The House Play With Sindur.

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