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Different Forms Of Durga

Different Forms Of Durga:-

Different Forms Of Durga
Different Forms Of Durga

Like The Ten-armed Goddess, Goddess Durga Presents A Radiantly Beautiful Way That Is Fascinating To See. This Special Form Is Somehow Both Angry And Benign And Conveys Deep Spiritual Teachings In A Demanding Way. The Nine-day Period, From The Day Of The New Moon To The Ninth Day Of Ashvina, Is Considered To Be The Most Auspicious Moment In The Hindu Calendar And Thus The Most Celebrated Period Of The Year As Durga Puja. The Nine Different Forms Of Devi Are Worshiped Throughout The Nine Days. These Are The Most Popular Ways In Which She Is Worshiped.

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Different Forms Of Durga (Daughter Of The Mountain):-

She Is The Daughter Of The Himalayas And Is The First Of Nine Durgas. At The Previous Birth, She Was Daksha's Daughter. Her Name Was Sati - Bhavani. That Is, Lord Shiva's Wife. Daksha Once Organized A Great Yagna And Did Not Invite Shiva. But Sati, Being Obstinate, Got There. Daksha Insulted Shiva. Sati Could Not Tolerate Her Husband's Insult And Burn In The Fire Of Yagna. In Another Birth, She Became The Daughter Of The Himalayas On Behalf Of Parvati - Hemvati And Married Shiva. According To Upanishad, She Had Torn And Indra's Selfishness, Etc. Devtas. Feeling Ashamed, They Bowed And Prayed That "In Fact, You Are Shakti, All Of Us - Brahma, Vishnu And Shiv Are Able To Obtain Shakti From You."

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Different Forms Of Durga:- Brahmacharini

The Second Durga Shakti Is Brahamcharini. Brahma Is The One Who Observes Penance (Slap) And Good Conduct. Here "Brahma" Means "Slap". The Idol Of This Goddess Is Very Beautiful. There Is A Rosary In The Right Hand And Kamandal In The Left Hand. She Is Full Of Joy. A Story Is Famous About It. At The Previous Birth, She Was Parvati Hemavati, Daughter Of Himvan. Once When She Was Busy Playing Games With Her Friends. Naradaji Came To Her And Predicted To See Her Palm-lines That: "You Will Marry A Terrible Naked 'Bhole Baba' Who Was With You In The Form Of Sati, Daksh's Daughter In The Previous Birth. But Now You Need To Do Penance For Him. "There, Parvati Told Mother Menaka That She Would Not Marry Anyone Except Shambhu, Otherwise, She Would Remain Single. Saying That She Went To Observe The Penance. This Is Why Her Name Is Famous As Tapacharini - Brahmacharini. From That Moment On, His Name Uma Became Familiar.

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Chandraghanta-Different Forms Of Durga

The Name Of The Third Shakti Is Chandraghanta. There Is A Semi-circular Moon On Your Forehead. She Is Charming And Bright. She Is Golden In Color. She Has Three Eyes And Ten Hands Holding Ten Types Of Swords - Etc. Weapons And Arrows Etc. She Is Sitting On Lion And Ready To Go To War To Fight. She Is An Unprecedented Image Of Bravery. The Frightening Sound Of Its Bell Terrifies All Villains, Demons, And Danavas.


Kushmanda-Different Forms Of Durga

The Name Of The Fourth Durga Is Kushmanda. Shakti Creates Egg, Ie. Universe For Mere Laughter. It Resides In Solar Systems. It Shines In All Ten Directions Like The Sun. She Has Eight Hands. Kushmanda Hold Weapons In Her Seven Hands. The Rosary Is In The Right Hand. She Looks Brilliant Riding On Lion. She Likes The Offers Of "Kumhde". Therefore, His Name "Kushmanda" Became Famous.

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Skanda Mata:-

Skanda Mata-Different Forms Of Durga
Skanda Mata

Durga's Fifth Name Is "Skanda Mata". The Himalayan Daughter, After Observing The Penance, Married Shiva. She Had A Son Named "Skanda". Skanda Is A Leader Of The Army Of The Gods. Skanda Mata Is A Deity Of Fire. Skanda Is Sitting On Her Lap. She Has Three Eyes And Four Hands. She Is White And Sitting On A Lotus Flower.


Katyayani-Different Forms Of Durga

Sixth Durga Is Katyayani. The Son Of "Kat" As "Katya". Rishi Katyayan Was Born In This Lineage "Katya". Katyayan Had Observed Penance With The Desire To Obtain Paramba As A Daughter. As A Result, She Was Born As A Daughter Of Katyayan. So Her Name Is "Katyayani". She Has Three Eyes And Eight Hands. These Are Eight Types Of Weapon Missiles In Their Seven Hands. Her Vehicle Is Lion.

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Kalratri-Different Forms Of Durga

Seventh Durga Is Kalratri. She Is Black As Night. Durga's Hair Is Unlocked. She Put On Lightning Flashing Necklaces. She Has Three Eyes That Are Round Like The Universe. Her Eyes Are Bright. Thousands Of Flames Of Fire Come Out As They Breathe Through Their Noses. She Rides On Shava (Dead Body). There Is A Sharp Sword In The Right Hand. Your Lower Hand Is In A Good Mood. The Lit Torch (Mahal) Is In The Left Hand And The Lower Left Hand Is In The Fearless Style By Which It Makes Its Devotees Fearless. Being Auspicious, She Is Called "Shubhamkari".

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Maha Gauri:-

Maha Gauri-Different Forms Of Durga
Maha Gauri

The Eighth Durga Is "Maha Gauri". She Is White As A Shell, Moon, And Jasmine. She Is Eight Years Old. His Clothes And Ornaments Are White And Clean. She Has Three Eyes. She Rides A Bull. She Has Four Hands. The Upper Left Hand Is "No Fear - Mudra" And The Lower Left Hand Holds "Trishul". The Right Hand Above Has Tambourine And The Right Hand Is In Blessing Style. She Is Calm And Peaceful And Exists In A Peaceful Style. It Is Said That When Gauri's Body Became Dirty From Dust And Dirt While Observing Penance, Shiva.

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